a showcase of a product for negotiation training

Negotiation training materials

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Money worksheet – Training materials

Original price was: $2.95.Current price is: $1.45.
a showcase of a product including money worksheet, test and answer card

Understanding Human Nature – Training materials

Original price was: $2.95.Current price is: $1.45.

Listen up, I know that understanding human nature is important. But what would you say about doing more than just learning about it? Put your knowledge to the test and solidify your learning! 


I know that understanding human nature may seem like a difficult task. It’s about having insights into the fundamental characteristics, behaviors, and psychological tendencies that are inherent to human beings, enabling a deeper comprehension of human actions, motivations, and interactions.

That’s why I created something to test your understanding and knowledge before life does a test on you. My Training Materials are a product designed to enhance your view of human behavior in the context of business and personal interactions. In today’s dynamic world, people and business are linked, and grasping the nature of a man becomes essential for effective human relations management.

At the core of this pack lies a test based on the study of human behavior. This test aims to unravel the nuances of human psychology, shedding light on the nature of people and their development within the business world.

Accompanying the test is a worksheet to take your training to an even higher level. Challenge yourself in the context of business psychology or try your best in people relations—become the true master of Human nature.

I don’t want to leave you without feedback. That’s why I included an answer card. It offers solutions to the test questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of human relations.

Why choose the Training materials – Human Nature? 

Let’s sum up what you acquire with the pack:

  • Strengthening the knowledge – Confirm your understanding of the topic by completing the test and worksheet.
  • Preparation for the real world – Before you dive into real scenarios, test your skills first.
  • Going beyond simple learning – Thanks to a challenge, you are more likely to remember the insights you learned.
  • Quick feedback – Check the results yourself and assess your progress in the topic.

What you get in the training materials

  • Test – Put your knowledge to the test.
  • Worksheet – Take more exercises to consolidate your knowledge.
  • Answer card – Get quick feedback and verify your abilities.

Take a try yourself! 

Use the insights into human development that you learned and complete the challenge. Be sure to prepare for your real-world experiences before you put yourself in deep waters. This pack tests your perspective on the landscape of human relations and business.

This is a must-have for understanding human nature – Training materials

Hold on! To do a test of your abilities, first, you have to learn them. Here is the source of that knowledge: my ebook and audiobook! Interested? Check them and see what you get!

Browse Ebook – The Master of Human Nature

Browse Audiobook – The Master of Human Nature

If you’re looking for a complete package at a more favorable price, here it is – Full pack – The master of Human nature!

Check my X (Twitter) for more insights!

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