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The purpose of creating CamilloCraft

Welcome! I have created CamilloCraft to help you discover your inner entrepreneur and improve your skills.

This site provides insights, blog articles, and products that may aid your entrepreneurship and self-development.

I’ve prepared all this not only to fulfill my duty but also to make something bigger.

a showcase of a product for learning about passive and active income sources

Everything you need for starting a business journey

So, this is it – my solution for you:

1. Learn. 
2. Get experience. 
3. Then money comes!

Thanks to a unique product, I have a win-win option for you!

Join many others and follow your dreams for financial freedom!

Your victory is my victory.

I genuinely care about your success. It is not a means of livelihood for me but a reflection of the purpose behind my work. 

Knowing that my creations could be the first steps in someone’s glorious business success is more significant to me than any financial gain.

I got a recipe for active & passive income and a way to:

> Cultivate a profound understanding of money management.

> Learn about budgeting, investing, and sales.

> Discover the secrets of human psychology and negotiations.

> Gain all this knowledge to make informed financial choices.

The rest is up to you!

Take control over your life, like them

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"I was struggling with my business until I got my hands on these materials. The business basics included in this bundle have given me the foundation I needed to succeed! Then I got my money back with the idea provided with them!"
Josh D.
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"I'm a college student, and this bundle has been a lifesaver. I needed first money to earn fast, and the solution provided in the pack was so easy. 
I've recommended it to all my classmates! It takes a bit of commitment, but it was free!" -
Alex N.
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"I've read countless business books and taken multiple courses, but this bundle stands out from the rest. The focus on basics has given me a renewed perspective. 
I was shocked that I didn't even need to think about the first passive income for myself - it was ready!"
Tom S.

Choose the product that suits you best!

Full pack - The master of Money

$16.95 $7.95
  • Ebook about Money
  • Audiobook about Money
  • Test, worksheet and answer card for Money category
  • Planner and reference guide for Money category
  • Additional planner for Budgeting

Basic pack - The master of Negotiation

$9.95 $4.95
  • Ebook about Negotiation
  • Audiobook about Negotiation
  • Planner and reference guide for Negotiation category
  • Additional planner - Negotiation cheat sheet

Get a free guide about Side Hustles!

Don’t leave without a gift! More info here.

Try my learning technique!

Discover the fast learning technique designed for busy individuals.
Save time with short-form materials that deliver essential knowledge without the fluff.

Track your progress, dive deeper, and stay motivated with additional materials and exercises.
Transition to the audiobook option for on-the-go learning and absorb knowledge, anytime and anywhere. 

Obtain a certificate!

I want to celebrate your dedication and commitment to crafting a successful future with The Complete Business Essentials.

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