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Passive income myths and truths

Let’s unveil some mysteries about passive income and bust some myths. I came up with the idea of writing this because I keep getting messages that passive income is impossible. Isn’t it? Let’s find out. 

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffet
a man working to prove that passive income is possible
A man working to prove that passive income is possible

First of all, what is passive income? 

It is the money you earn from assets you own or activities you’ve set up that require minimal ongoing effort. It’s the antithesis of trading time for money, where your income is directly tied to the number of hours you work.

Imagine that you have a rental property that generates monthly income without you having to lift a finger. Or you own dividend-paying stocks that provide you with regular cash flow. These are classic examples of passive income streams. But there is a lot more.

Why is passive income crucial for wealth building?

Firstly, it offers stability and security. Unlike a traditional job where your income depends on your employer, passive income streams diversify your income sources, reducing the risk of financial instability.

Secondly, it allows for scalability. Once you’ve established a passive income stream, there’s often the potential to scale it up. For instance, you can buy more rental properties, invest in higher-yielding dividend stocks, or create additional digital products to sell online.

Thirdly, it provides flexibility. With passive income streams in place, you have more control over your time and can pursue other interests, spend more time with your family, or even start new ventures without worrying about losing your primary source of income.

(Source, 08.05.2024)

More benefits of generating passive income

Let me point out some more advantages of creating this type of revenue: 

Freedom – It affords you greater freedom and flexibility in how you spend your time. With passive income streams in place, you can choose to work less, pursue other interests, or spend more time with your loved ones without sacrificing your income.

Lifestyle design – You can choose the design of the lifestyle you desire. Traveling the world? Pursuing a passion, or enjoying early retirement? You can make it on your terms.

Reduced stress – It can relieve financial stress by delivering a reliable source of income that doesn’t depend on your daily efforts. Knowing that you have money coming in even when you’re not actively working can reduce anxiety and improve your overall well-being. I know that!

Legacy building – It can help you leave a lasting legacy for future generations. You can provide financial security for your heirs by building wealth through passive income streams.

two people exchanging money for passive income tips
Two people exchanging money for passive income tips

Passive income ideas for beginners

If you’re new to this, getting started can feel overwhelming. Here I come! I’ve already created a complete guide with many ideas. Not to mention that you can also discover some passive income strategies there. 

Check out my article about 40 passive revenue ideas.

The difference between passive income and active income

I want to mention this at the beginning: passive income and active income are two fundamentally different ways of earning money. 

Trading time for money – Active income

In other words, it’s active participation in a job or business. Here’s how it works:

  • Active income is directly tied to the time and effort you put in. You work, you get paid. If you stop working, your income stops. Simple.
  • Your earning potential with active income is often capped. Even if you work harder or longer hours, there’s a limit to how much you can earn. 
  • Active income requires your continuous attention and effort, often leading to trade-offs between work and personal life – It’s an important aspect of our life – read more about it here.

Examples of active income:

  • Salary or wages from a job
  • Hourly pay for services rendered
  • Income from a business where you’re actively involved in operations

Money working for you – passive income

Passive income, on the other hand, doesn’t require active involvement once set up. Here’s how it differs:

  • It requires effort to set up initially, but it continues to generate income with little ongoing effort later o
  • As mentioned before – it has the potential to grow exponentially. Once established, it can be scaled up without proportional increases in effort.
  • I also wrote this before – passive income offers greater freedom and flexibility, allowing you to choose how to spend your time.

Examples of passive income:

  • Rental income from properties
  • Dividends from stocks
  • Royalties from intellectual property
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Revenue from online businesses

Which is better: passive or active income?

It depends on the point of life you’re in and your perspective. For some people doing an active job is just essential in existence. Not in terms of having money to live, but to overall wellbeing. Both active and passive income have their place in a diversified income portfolio. However, passive income offers several advantages I’ve put above. 

How to generate passive revenue

If you want to do it right, it requires planning, preparation, effort, and persistence. Here I prepared an overall guide for starting:

  1. Before diving into it, define your financial goals. Consider what you need: paying off debt, saving for retirement, or achieving financial independence. A clear goal is the first thing to do. 
  2. Take the time to learn about different passive revenue opportunities and strategies. Read books, listen to podcasts, and seek advice from financial experts to expand your knowledge.
  3. Choose income streams that align with your skills, interests, and resources. It’s a lot easier to start a venture in the area you’re familiar with and happy to be in. I know something about it. 
  4. Begin with one or two passive income streams and gradually expand as you gain experience and confidence. Start small – minimize risk and learn from mistakes. It’s old and common, but it’s true. 
  5. Choose your first stream – here you have to look at something mentioned in point 4. or just pick up the best opportunity you have. Here may I come with some help. I have a perfect start for you, included in my product: Complete Business Essentials Course. You not only have a ready-to-go system, but you learn some business skills you may need on your road to build wealth. Check it out! 

Here you have it!

I have a nicely prepared and all-ready step-by-step plan for passive income – plus you get my support and ready materials. All this in a unique product. Sounds good, right? Check out my Business Essentials Course to get more info.

a showcase of a product about crucial business skills for running a business

Passive revenue tips

Time is your greatest asset when it comes to passive revenue. The earlier you start investing and building income streams, the more time your money has to grow and compound.

Don’t rely on a single source of income. Diversify your investments across different asset classes to spread risk and maximize returns.

Set up automatic deposits and investments to make saving and investing easier. It ensures consistency and helps you stick to your savings and goals.

Reinvest your earnings to accelerate growth. It can be purchasing additional shares of stock, acquiring more rental properties, or reinvesting in your business. Compound interest is something spectacular over time. It passes anyway.

Continuously educate yourself and stay up-to-date on market trends, investment opportunities, and financial strategies. You don’t want to miss something you shouldn’t miss!

It takes time and effort. Stay patient and persistent, especially during market downturns or setbacks.

a woman searching for passive income ideas for beginners
A woman searching for passive income ideas for beginners


Passive income is essentially money earned from assets or activities that require minimal ongoing effort. It’s the opposite of trading time for money, providing you with a steady stream of revenue even when you’re not actively working. But it’s not completely free from engagement. You must put in some work regardless. When you keep pushing and doing even more, it keeps growing. That’s the beauty of freedom it gives. Yet you have to remember that not everyone is capable of doing it. Are you going to start something on the side? 

Here you have actually everything you need to know for the start of your journey. It’s just a little help to choose the direction, and then the details come. For the beginning, you can just use some general advice you found here, and search your own sources. I once again want to mention my ready-to-implement plan in my Complete Business Essentials. 

Consider it to be your first stream. Plus you get the support. You won’t be alone in it. 

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