a showcase of a product including money worksheet, test and answer card

Money worksheet – Training materials

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Negotiation training materials

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a showcase of a product for negotiation training

Sales and training materials

Original price was: $2.95.Current price is: $1.45.

Begin your adventure with sales and training! To ensure the knowledge, you have to put it to a test. Thanks to my product, you’ll have the resources to do it.


I have something for everyone interested in sales and training. What is this training? Testing effective sales techniques, strategies, and communication skills to enhance the ability to sell products or services.

Thanks to my products you can do just that and enhance the effectiveness of sales activities. Let’s consolidate various aspects of deals, like sales techniques and overall sales strategy. I designed this to ensure you in your knowledge and put you to the test. 

Challenge your understanding and mastery of effective selling techniques. The sales test serves as a means to evaluate your understanding of key concepts, ensuring you have a solid grasp of the material. 

The accompanying worksheet is designed to provide practical exercises that reinforce your learning. It’s a hands-on component that allows you to apply the sales theories and sales techniques you’ve acquired. 

To further support your learning, I’ve included an answer card. This card acts as a guide, allowing you to check your responses against the correct answers.

Make your sales approach ambitious and perform a strategy from the beginning. 

Why choose the Training materials – Human Nature? 

Let’s sum up what you acquire:

  • Strengthening the knowledge – verify your comprehension of the subject by finishing the test and worksheet;
  • Preparation for the real world – before immersing yourself in actual scenarios, assess your skills through a preliminary test;
  • Going beyond simple learning – engaging in a challenge increases the likelihood of retaining the insights you’ve gained;
  • Quick feedback – review the results to evaluate your advancement in the subject.

What you get in the training materials

  • Test – evaluate your understanding by putting your knowledge to the test;
  • Worksheet – complete additional exercises to reinforce and consolidate your knowledge;
  • Answer card – receive prompt feedback to verify and assess your abilities efficiently.

Take a try yourself! 

These sales and training materials are here to empower your knowledge and skills. Together, the sales test, worksheet, and answer card form a cohesive toolkit aimed at refining your sales skills. Take the next step in your sales education journey and watch your effective selling strategies yield successful results.

This is a must-have for Sales and Training – Sales

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